This is my blog. And in the true tradition of myself, it will be funny, interesting at times, shocking, not suitable for minors or narrow minds, sad, non- sensible, totally irrational, but…………………..always true!

Within the blog will be my thoughts, my fears, my failings and my achievements. It will not be for all and certainly not for the young and delicate of mind. I hope not to offend anyone in any way and if I do I apologise now. Please enjoy and comment whenever you feel the need. I welcome any opinion and any advice.

All the information, material, images, words and anything else is mine, my property and is not to be used in any way without the express permission of myself. Any material I may use from sources other than mine will be duly credited and gratified.


Note: For some reason or other, as a blog it will always appear back to front! So, if you are new and unfamiliar with this conundrum then shoot straight away to my first post and run from there.


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