What? Nae Trees?

I was thinking the other day about this blog and wondering if anyone enjoyed it quite as much as I do! I then thought, erm, wait a minute Ken, apart from a privileged one or two others, it’s only fat old me that ever visits it. So, I thought some more and decided that I may as well revive my use of it and least keep myself happy.

The Nine Mile Burn Path.

Which leads me to yesterday and a walking trip I made to sunny East Lothian just south of Edinburgh. I have been to the Pentlands on a number of occasions and in all sorts of weather, with or without company. Yesterday I was solo and the weather was typically January in Scotland. The Lothian Moors just made it bleaker than normal in their wintry garb. The good part, which is kind of strange, was that the only company I had were some hardy sheep and another couple of nutters I nodded to as I passed them. Isolation and desolation were what I was looking for in order to establish some realignment in my life. I’ve always found the bleak wintry landscapes of the Scottish countryside in winter to be very good grounding influence for me and again it did not fail.

No colours allowed.

I discovered a couple of things. Firstly, that I no longer seem to have the stamina for the hard grind required to get over the hills. Secondly, my knee does not like it any more than my spondylosis shoulder. And thirdly, I remembered something long forgotten; I don’t like going over old “hallowed” ground. However, now that I’m almost through the next day I can reflect that it wasn’t all that bad and with increased fitness (which I’m working on) and a “bit” of weight loss, I could start to like it again. After all, it wasn’t all that bad.

The beginning and the end.

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