Can someone please explain……..

Can someone please explain to me the point of foisting a dead program on someone like me? Let me explain. I was trying to view a video file I found whilst surfing cycling stuff on the WWW when Adobe Media Player (I had never seen this program before now) popped up insisting I use that program to play the file! I thought, why not? And carried on filling in the mandatory details for their nosey little apples somewhere in their little apple orchard in Silicon Valley, CA., in order to comply and enjoy the file I wanted to see. Now I have this program annoyingly popping up frequently with nothing in it to do anything! Any menu I explore leads to a blank interface with no where else to go. Yes, I know that if I spent a whole day investigating why and how, I would eventually discover that there is some use for this program that has been shoved in my face but I really don’t have the time or inclination to do so! What is the point? Things like this really piss me off! (Apologies young ones.) So I say, get lost little apples and little windows and stop prying and snooping and wasting my time. Let me get on with my virtual life in peace!

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